About Us
    Private First Class Driving Academy opened in June, 2006 as a certified school with instructors that are certiifed with over 100 years experience combined in the trucking industry. The school is a Memphis-based academy that is designed to increase the number of qualified, certified Class A commercial vehicle drivers. Through this program, students will be trained in every aspect of the trucking industry with a strong emphasis in safety. Students will use the J J Keller & Associates Safety Manual as a key tool in the program, students will receive a certificate of completion.

Private First Class Driving Academy is certified with Tennessee Higher Commission. Private First Class Driving Academy is a provider for Workforce Investment Network, and has a contract with the State of Tennessee. Private First Class Driving Academy has maintained an excellent record with Tennessee Higher Commission.

“You never open a business you can't operate. I had my own trucking company but did not know how to drive a truck, with Mr. Jamison's comment I took heed and enrolled w/PFCDA. Their flexible schedules allowed me to keep up with my busy schedule. I completed my 4 week training and received my Certificate of Completion. Mr. Jamison is one of the greatest men I know.”

Willie Mckinney
2006 Graduate
Memphis, TN
1 - (901) -  326 - 8460